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Vasai Anand Nagar

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Anand Nagar is located in Vasai(west). Location : Anand Nagar, Off Platform No.1, Vasai(west). Distance : 5-10 Minutes From Vasai Station By Walking. It is situated approximately 0.5km away from vasai station. Rickshaw Fare : RS 10(Per seat) May Vary During Lockdown. Anand Nagar Covers Major Areas of Vasai Such as 1) Sai Baba Temple 2) Ravi Hospital(Accident and Fracture Hospital) 3) Patanjali Supermarket 4) Madhura Hospital | Kulur Hospital 5) Vasai Famous Bakery | Iyengar Bakery 6) Wholesale Towel and Bedsheet Market | Vartak School | Muncipal Garden | KT Vision Multiplex | Famous Lazeez Caterers | AL-Noor Masjid | Perfume Market and Many More.

Chulna Village Vasai

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Chulna Village, Vasai(west) Location : Bhabhola-Chulna Road Distance : 2.5km distance from vasai station. 12-15 Minutes From Vasai Station By Rickshaw. Rickshaw Fare : RS 100(Special Trip) may vary during Lockdown. Very beautiful place and calm village, no buildings only bungalows. Greenary all the way. Great open place to get away from the town with birds chirping. Clean and well maintained place. One of the most amazing and peaceful places to visit in Vasai, you have a panoramic view of giriz, dongri, suncity and jivdani temple.Good place for photography with ponds around. You can enjoy feeding fish in the talav. Enjoy Free Pedicure in pond natural one. Serene, beautiful.. Chulna Village Covers Major Areas of Vasai Such as 1) Chulna Talav 2) Fouzi Gym 3) Vasai Dairy Farm 4) Chulna Church 5) Turf

Tabela in Vasai - Dairy Farm in Vasai

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Vasai Chulna Dairy Farm A dairy farm serving High quality absolutely delicious Milk. Organised and well maintained over the years, this place have stabilised their position and reputation with the quality of milk that they offer! It is a huge dairy farm on the vasai Suncity-Chulna road providing array of farm fresh dairy milk! Location : Suncity-Chulna Road, Near Chulna Village. Distance : 2.5 Km From Vasai Station . 10-15 Minutes of distance from Vasai Station(west) by Rickshaw. Rickshaw Fare : RS 100(Private Trip) May vary during lockdown. Milk Price : RS 70 for 1 Litre

Vasai Flood : East West Bridge Road Waterlogging

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Rainfall in Vasai | Vasai Rainfall | Rains in Vasai today | Vasai Rain News | Vasai Rainfall News | Vasai Rain News Today | Vasai Rains Live

Urbanisation made Vasai-Virar more vulnerable to floods. Large parts of Vasai-Virar went under water for about a week following heavy rain last July. Railway tracks were submerged as there was no place for the water to flow into, and services remained suspended for some days.

Rampant urbanisation in the Vasai-Virar belt has made it more prone to floods over the last decade, The study showed that the increased concretisation resulted in cutting-off of natural streams originating from the hills on the east and flowing towards the coast. These streams functioned as a natural source of drainage to run-off water during monsoons.

Sai Nagar, Vasai(west)

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Sai Nagar is located in Vasai(west)

Location : Off Parvati Ground, Vasai(west).

Distance : It is situated approximately 1.5km away from Vasai Station. 5-10 Minutes From Vasai Station By Rickshaw.

Rickshaw Fare : RS 10(Per seat) May Vary During Lockdown.

Sai Nagar Covers Major Areas of Vasai Such as

1) Sai Baba Temple 2) Saurastra Sweets and Farsan Mart 3) Sai Nagar Ground

4) Golden Park Hospital 5) Vasai Cable Office 6) Dattatray Shopping Center

Kauls Heritage City - Bhabhola, Vasai(west)

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Kauls Heritage City - Bhabhola

Its a best township in vasai, with Hospitals, Supermarket, Malls, Multiplex, Mcdonalds in its own premises.

Location : Agarwal Township, Bhabhola, Vasai(west).

Distance : 15-20 Mins from Vasai Station by Rickshaw. It is located approximately 2.5km from vasai station(west)

Rickshaw Fare : 20 RS may vary during Lockdown Period.

Kauls Heritage City Covers areas such as

1) Mount Carmel School 2) Mcdonalds 3) Royal Club 4) Kmovie Star Multiplex