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Suresh Maharaj - Astrologer in Vasai - Pandit for Puja in Vasai

Shastri Suresh Vyas - Pandit for Puja in Vasai - Pandit for Puja, Havan, Jaap, and Katha Services in Vasai

Contact For Jyotish and Karmkandi | Satyanarayan Pooja ,Vastu Pooja, Grahshanti,Vivah and Lagan Melap | Pitru Karya, Shrad Karya, Navchandi, Hawan, Nakshtra Shanti, Uttarkriya Karma and Janmakshar

Note - We also do the customised and personalized Vidhis in your homes and offices.

We Provide Services in Various Categories - Naming Ceremony, First Food Eating Ceremony, Mundan Ceremony, Birthday Ceremony, Thread wearing Ceremony (along with Grahmakh), Samavartan Vidhi, Dattak Vidhi, Marriage Ceremony, Engagement Ceremony, ​Navagraha Shanti OR Grahamakh, Satyanarayan Pooja (with or without Havan), Udakshanti, Vastushanti, Sahastravartan, Laghurudra, Navachandi, Ganesh Chaturthi Pooja, Kalsarp Shanti, ​Grahashanti, Hiranya-shraddha, Sapindak-shraddha, Last rites, Antyeshtavidhi, Narayanbali Naagbali, Tripindi Shraaddha, Shraaddha Vidhi, Pitrudosha Vidhi 

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