Fort Kaldurg

Fort Kaldurg is a hill type fort located in Palghar taluka of Palghar district. Its height is close to 1550 meters. It is one of many hill forts found in Palghar range.

As the top of the fort is rectangular, it can be easily identified from a distance. There is no sign indicating that this fort is a fort. There are large forests of trees on the fort, leading to a healthy population of tribal groups there.

The fort is divided due to this rectangular rock as fort above the rock and fort below the rock. There are two to three steps which separate these two parts.

Vasai Fort, also known as Kaldurg Fort, stands as a formidable testament to the rich history of Vasai, a coastal town on the outskirts of Mumbai. Located atop a hill, the fort provides a panoramic view of the surrounding landscape and the Arabian Sea, offering visitors a captivating journey through time.

Kaldurg Fort, built by Malik Tughan in the 16th century, has witnessed the ebb and flow of various dynasties, from the Portuguese to the Marathas. Its strategic location made it a crucial military stronghold, guarding the entrance to the Bombay Harbour. Today, the fort remains a remarkable architectural marvel, showcasing a blend of Indian and European influences.

The fortification consists of massive stone walls, bastions, and gateways, reflecting the military prowess of the bygone eras. Exploring the complex unveils a network of tunnels, secret passages, and intricately designed structures that served both defensive and residential purposes. The remnants of Portuguese and Maratha architecture coexist, narrating tales of battles and shifting powers.

One of the highlights of Kaldurg Fort is its well-preserved ramparts that allow visitors to walk along the walls and soak in breathtaking views of the surrounding landscape. The Arabian Sea stretches endlessly on one side, creating a mesmerizing backdrop for the historical exploration. The fort's elevated position not only served military objectives but also offers a refreshing escape, transporting visitors to a world where time seems to stand still.

In addition to its historical significance, Kaldurg Fort has become a popular trekking destination. The journey to the summit involves traversing rugged terrain and ascending steep slopes, rewarding trekkers with not only a sense of accomplishment but also an immersive experience in nature.

Vasai Fort Kaldurg stands as a living testament to the resilience of historical architecture, inviting locals and tourists alike to unravel the mysteries of the past while enjoying the scenic beauty that surrounds this ancient stronghold.

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