Property tax vasai virar, Municipal Taxes (latest)

For the citizens of Vasai and Virar paying property tax is now easier and can be done online.

Click here to open direct link to the property tax page on VVCMC website

The language used by the website is Marathi. The website has an effective FAQ section which provides important information.

English version using paytm

If you wish to pay the money using a english website, you can use the paytm link to pay your property tax in Vasai-Virar. (English version using paytm)

Benifits of using paytm service

  • paytm service is available 24x7. If paytm don't meet your expectations in any way, you can contact them immediately.

  • Your money is immediately refunded if there is an issue.

  • paytm guarantees all refunds with no questions asked.

Important (Advise from VVCMC website)

Do not buy Property in an unauthorised Construction, before buying Property please verify the documents related to permission from Town Planning department at Vasai Virar City Municipal Corporation Head Office, Virar East

Frequently asked questions related to property tax

  • What is Corporation Office working Days and Time?

  • Monday to Friday, timings 10:00 AM to 06:00PM

  • Helpdesk Contact number and working time? (note this differs from office working time)

  • Helpdesk Contact number is 8828137832 and is open Monday to Sunday between 9 am to 8 pm (whole week).

  • How do I download my Payment Receipt?

  • Once the payment process is completed, you will receive a confirmation message on your mobile number and the receipt will sent on your registered email id. You can also visit to VVCMC website enter zone, ward and property number. Once your property details are displayed you can able to view the download receipt option.

  • Is there a discount on 5 years payment?

  • Yes you can make a 5 years payment, but the discount offers only valid till 15 days from the date of bill received. (Bill received date is mentioned on bill)

  • Can I change my name on Property Tax?

  • Yes but this feature is not available online, you need to visit the nearest VVCMC office for more details.

  • Is there a direct contact available to VVCMC for any queries or service requests?

  • You can contact VVCMC on 8828137832 or email VVCMC on

  • Is there a transaction fee applied for paying property tax online?

  • No transaction fee is applied.

  • Why do we have to pay property taxes?

  • Cleanliness in the area is provided by the local municipal body, as is water supply, maintenance of local roads, drainage, and other improvements. Municipalities rely on property tax revenue to fund all of the services they provide. When you do not pay property taxes, then the municipal body can refuse to connect you to water or other services, and it may also initiate legal action to recover the amount. For municipal bodies, it is a major source of revenue.

  • Which factors influence property tax?

  • Property owners are required to pay the property tax levied by local bodies (e.g., municipalities) on their properties. A property tax may vary significantly from one locality to another and is influenced by several factors, such as:

    1.     Property Location

    2.     The property is under construction or ready to move into.

    3.     Property Size

    4.     Property owner's gender - female owners may qualify for discounts.

    5.     Age of the property owner – there are discounts for senior citizens.

    6.     Services provided by the municipal body in the locality.

  • Should tenants pay tax?

  • Renters do not need to worry about paying property tax, since it is the owner's responsibility.

  • Are the properties which are exempted from property tax charges?

  • Places of worship, government buildings and foreign embassies are usually exempt from property tax. Clean land is also exempt from property tax.

  • Can I asses how much tax I have to pay online?

  • You can use the online calculator on Property tax online calculator. You need to provide the following information to get an accurate quote.

    1.     Property Zone and Ward (where property is located)

    2.     Built up area of the property.

    3.     Property Type (Industrial, Residential, Non-Residential, Mixed, Hospital, Open Land or Hotel)

    4.     Type of construction - (RCC, Simple or Shed).

    5.     Municipal Corporation's standard rent for ward and zone.

    6.     Rateable Value.

  • How to pay taxes offline (at Vasai Virar City Municipal Corporation Head Office)?

  • Property tax payments can be made offline at Property Tax Collection Centres in Vasai-Virar by anyone who wishes to do so. Visit Vasai Virar City Municipal Corporation (V.V.C.M.C Head Office) Virar Police Station, Bazaar ward, Virar East, Maharashtra 401305.

Property tax in India is a local tax levied by municipal authorities on property owners. Calculated based on the property's assessed value, it serves as a crucial revenue source for local governance. The tax funds civic amenities and infrastructure development within the municipality. Rates vary across cities, and the assessment considers factors like property size, location, and amenities. Property owners are obligated to pay this annual tax, contributing to the maintenance of essential services like roads, sanitation, and public facilities. Non-payment may lead to penalties or legal consequences. Regular property tax payments are integral to sustaining urban development and improving civic amenities.

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