KT Vision Carnival Cinemas - Address, Telephone & Tickets (Vasai)

KT Vision Carnival Cinemas - Cinema Hall, Online Tickets and Age Ratings (Vasai)

KT Vision Carnival Cinemas - Cinema Halls in Vasai - Multiplex in Vasai

Vasai's KT Vision is an multiplex theatre which is located 15 minutes from the railway station. Some of the screens aren't that big, but the place is always crowded with people.
The theatre is very clean and the service they provide is good .

Some smaller movies are released in this theatre on small screens. Hollywood movies are also screened here, and 3D glasses with nice effects are available. A backup generator ensures the movie can continue if the lights go out.

This is a nice place to see movies with family. Just like other theatres, you can book online. The prices they charge are reasonable and they are offering heavy discounts on Tuesdays.

With Dolby Atmos you can enjoy the best sound ever. In addition to surround speakers on the walls, additional ceiling speakers are used, which place the sound freely in the three-dimensional space. This creates an incredibly realistic and unique 3D sound that gives you the feeling of not just being an observer, but also in the middle of the action!

Experience the hottest cinema ever! With HFR (High Frame Rate) the previous standard of 24 frames per second is doubled. This means that it is rotated with at least 48 frames per second and projected onto the screen. The result: the films appear more realistic, brilliant and sharper.

Experience cinema in the third dimension! Our films in 3D not only let you follow the action, but also give you the feeling of being there right away. An unforgettable cinema experience for young and old.

A cinema hall, also known as a movie theater, cinema, or multiplex, is a venue where films are exhibited to the public. It is a dedicated space designed for viewing movies on a big screen with proper audio and visual equipment.

Cinema halls typically consist of multiple screening rooms or auditoriums, each equipped with a large movie screen, comfortable seating arrangements, and sound systems. The screens are often accompanied by surround sound technology to enhance the movie-watching experience.

When a film is released, it is typically shown in cinema halls for a specific period, during which the public can purchase tickets to watch the movie. Cinema halls provide an immersive experience, allowing viewers to enjoy films on a big screen with high-quality visuals and sound, which may not be replicable at home.

In addition to standard cinema halls, there are also specialized formats such as IMAX theaters, 3D theaters, and luxury cinemas that offer premium experiences with advanced technologies, enhanced seating, and additional amenities like reclining seats, food and beverage services, and more.

Cinema halls play a significant role in the entertainment industry, serving as venues for film premieres, movie screenings, and community gatherings. They provide a shared experience for audiences to enjoy films together, creating a social and cultural environment centered around cinema.

  • 0250-2344444 | 0250-2342244

  • Opp. Panchal Nagar Lane, Near Catholic Bank, Anand Nagar, Vasai(west)

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